There MUST be a purpose


The question was asked by one of my face book friends What do you do when you just can’t pray anymore in a situation?”  The Holy Spirits answer in my spirit encouraged me I hope it encourages others:   Many are the plans of a man’s heart but it is the will of God that prevails. Just because we do not receive the answer we are expecting, it does not mean there is no answer. Just as an example; My da…ughter plays the flute. I really want her to teach her daughters so I purchased a second hand flute for them to learn on…I do not know exactly what my expectations were but. ..My daughter handed them the mouth piece of the flute. Well the girls were like me, wondering; why was the rest of the flute still in the case?! You see what I did not think of is that there is an order to everything. Before they could move on to actually playing the flute, they had to learn to breath and control their breathing to make the proper sounds. First there is strengthening. It may be months before they actually play a note. It may be years before they perfect it. They may not even have a desire to play the flute. So then the Holy Spirit revealed to me that it is the same thing with praying for a certain situation. There is an order and a purpose. Don’t you know that God will perfect those things concerning me?! We do not always have to know the purpose but we MUST trust the plan.
Prayer: Father, No matter the situation, please help me to trust your plan.  For in every plan we know there is purpose and we honor YOUR purpose in all that we are and shall ever be.