In the beginning…

In the day to day hustle and bustle of our daily lives it so easy to forget how this all began.  the journey we embarked on with our life Partner, our Soul Mate, the until do we part, forever and always love. (Well that is before Life happened) .  In order to stay focused sometimes a stroll down memory lane is in order so I thought I would share with you and excerpt from my upcoming book to share a part of my journey of 35 years, 2 kids, three grand kids and life as it happened. Hopefully it will encourage you to remember…  In the beginning:

An Arranged Marriage
  He who finds a wife finds a good thing, And obtains favor from the LORD   Proverbs 18:22


  • High School!  First Love!  You know, the one that will last forever.  Yeah right.  But it is that one that charts the course.  We all had one right?  The high school sweetheart, the bitter sweet romance that would of course end in marriage and happily ever after UNTIL screeeeeeeech! Put on the brakes! It ends in your heart being ripped from your chest and that amazing person that pledgedHis/her undying love does a tap dance all over your heart.   I’m not sure of your reaction but mine was to promise myself that would never happen again!  I would not fall in love or allow myself to be hurt like that EVER AGAIN! Well no time soon anyway.  So I swore off men. Extreme? Yes. Realistic? Not. But something amazing did come of this not so amazing situation. I turned it over to God and prayed to God to just let the pain go away and I would not enter into any relationship that he had not sanctioned. Well those aren’t the exact words but basically my prayer was that if he had someone for me please let it be some one that would love me as he did – unconditionally and someone I could love in return.  That was it.  No request for riches, good looks, fame or fortune.  I think back now and thank God that he allowed me the presence of mind to trust him for everything else that I would need in a mate.  Maybe it wasn’t even consciously but in my distress I  just wanted the basics.  Thank God he looked beyond my faults and saw my actual needs.   He sent a man that was of his choosing, that I can honestly say has met and exceeded any expectations, over and above that which I could have asked.  Not only someone who loves me unconditionally and completely but someone who has been by my side through the good, bad and oh so ugly.
  • Some one I love with an unselfish and God perfected love born of respect for a man with a beautiful spirit and uncommon strength and endurance where his family is concerned.

Tell me your story..


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